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Caswell Park Fieldhouse

Other Considerations

Who will own the facility?:

City of North Mankato.

Who will operate the facility?:

City of North Mankato.

Who will use or occupy the facility?:

General public, local youth athletic teams, area public schools, in-state visiting teams, out of state visiting teams, international visiting teams, Minnesota Attack Volleyball Club, Minnesota Rise AAU basketball, the Mankato Area Basketball Association, the Mankato Area Tennis Association, Minnesota State University Mankato Tennis Team, Bethany Lutheran College Tennis Team, Caswell Regional Sporting Complex staff, other local groups. 

Public Purpose:

Governor Walz asked the state of Minnesota to “write a new way” in his 2019 State of the State request.  Included in his exhortation was the story of Will and Ross, two students who took advantage of opportunities given to them in their local community, focused on their love of sports and eating, and turned it into a granola bar product now located in over 600 stores.  Contrasting Will and Ross’ experience, Governor Walz shared the constraints other Minnesota communities, like Floodwood, who are trying to provide the same opportunities that “Will and Ross” turned into a tax generating business.  Governor Walz also talked about Mayors across Minnesota working hard to improve their communities and seeking to partner with the state of Minnesota to ensure the future prosperity of their communities. 

The Caswell Regional Sporting Complex bonding request answers each and every call Governor Walz made to Minnesotan’s to “write a new way.”  The request provides opportunities for youth and adults in the region, invests in a time proven state asset requiring enhancements to continue meeting the expectations of its visitors, and partners with an entire region seeking to secure its future prosperity by creating amenities that will attract workers and residents to Minnesota.  The Caswell Regional Sporting Complex request is not simply a youth sporting facility, it is a critical piece to ensuring the Mankato/North Mankato MSA continues to prosper and eliminates barriers to that success linked to geography.