Tournament Information

  1. Tournament Fee of $600 per team, Checks made payable to: City of North Mankato -ALL fees must be received prior to July 21st!
  2. Completed ASA National Championship Entry Form (completed & signed by your state ASA commissioner)
  3. Completed ASA National Championship Roster (completed & signed by your state ASA commissioner)
  4. Completed ASA Pick-Up Player Form (if you are using one it must be signed by your state ASA commissioner)
  5. Register at Tourney Machine: Register
  6. Each player MUST have a photo ID to check-in (drivers license, school ID, ASA Card or signed photo)
    * Each team member MUST check-in individually before competing*
  7. BAT TESTING: All bats will need to be tested prior to the start of your first game.  Please bring all bats that will be used to team check-in to be tested!

Mail all information and payment to:

Caswell Sports
1001 Belgrade Ave.
North Mankato, MN 56003

Coach Information

Tournament coaches passes MUST be worn by any bench coaching personnel during games.  All coaches wishing to be in the dugouts will need to have a coaching pass.
Tournament passes will be provided for all rostered players and 3 coaches (max of 20).  Bat persons, scorekeepers or other coaches are to be included in the 3 complimentary coaches passes. Additional coaches passes can be purchased at check-in for $20 each. Passes will be distributed at coaches check-in.