Game Information

* Team at the top of the brackets will use the first base dugout; the team listed on the bottom of the bracket will use the third base dugout.
* Coin Toss will take place on the field by the umpires
* The run ahead rule is 15 runs after three innings, 12 runs after four innings and 8 runs after five innings.
* NO INFIELD practice will be permitted.  Warm-up is allowed in designated areas only, this includes green space around the complex.  Teams ARE allowed to warm-up between the portable and permanent fences in the outfield while a game is being played on that field.
* Game time is forfeit time.
* Players, coaches and a bat person ONLY are allowed in the bench area.  ALL bench personnel must have either an ACE certification or background check.  
* Line-up cards can be picked up from the scorekeeper on your assigned field.  Line-up cards will need to be submitted to the scorekeeper at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.