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There is an obvious need for an indoor tennis facility in the Mankato/North Mankato area. Tennis is a sport that can be played at all ages. The sport promotes health and wellness, sportsmanship, social opportunities, and a healthy outlet for our youth. I am in support of indoor tennis courts at the Caswell Sports Complex and know of many others who look forward to utilizing this facility.

- Melanie Hoffrogge, Mankato

"A complex dedicated to volleyball would be incredible for this community and for the young women that volleyball helps to develop.  Confidence, determination, dedication and grit are just a few of the qualities that this sport has helped my daughter develop and continue to practice.  With over 35 7th graders and over 24 8th graders out for volleyball on the West side of town alone, it is clear that the sport is growing.  

Being able to draw large tournaments like the ones held in Rochester would boost the local economy in lodging, restaurants and tax intake. With three colleges nearby that all have Women's Volleyball teams, it would also be an opportunity to grow hometown talent while deepening our bonds to those colleges."

-Erin A. Kuiper

"Mankato desperately needs more sports facilities, especially for tennis and swim!"

-Jane Laskey

"I have 2 daughters under the age of 16, but would never be on the same team, that would love to do MN attack VB club, yet I only have 1 of me to get them to practices.  I have not let my youngest daughter join because of the distance and inconsistency of practice locations/times.  If there was 1 facility to go to, I would be able to let both my girls join, which would be amazing!  Volleyball is their passion, and it's hard to have to say know because I can't be in 2 towns at the same time for practice."

-Erin Clough

"We need indoor tennis courts in this town if possible! A great, affordable life sport for everyone!”

- Lisa Fitterer, Mankato

"I have been driving my daughter 90 miles round trip 3 times a week for the past 3 years during off season to an indoor tennis facility. Our high school tennis teams need and would utilize an indoor tennis facility in Mankato as my child was one of many that drove their children out of town. Our summer tennis program draws kids from multiple surrounding communities who could also benefit. Our high school tennis teams are competing with teams in our section who compete year round in their facilities, this leaves us at a disadvantage.

Tennis is a lifelong sport that is played from very young and can continue well into retirement. An indoor tennis facility would be utilized by all ages.

- Jodi Ann Egeland, Mankato

"My name is Sydney Douglas and I am a sophomore at Gustavus Adolphus College. I am writing to express my concerns about the need for an indoor tennis facility in the Mankato area. I've lived in North Mankato my whole life and played on the girls tennis team at Mankato West High School, where I now hold the record for most career wins. This was a huge accomplishment for me, but it came at a considerable cost. In order to improve and play competitively in the off-season, I traveled to Owatonna multiple times a week, which was a considerable commitment of both time and money. High school players who have access to indoor tennis courts have an extreme advantage in their skill level. Without off-season access to indoor courts, there is no way I could have competed at the level that I did during the season. 

As someone who grew up playing tennis in the community and now at the collegiate level, I have developed such a passion for the sport that I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience. Tennis has played a significant role in my development as an athlete, student, and teammate. I now coach in the summer and have seen firsthand the impact tennis has on kids' lives through friendships and achieving goals. Adding an indoor tennis facility would be a huge step in the right direction to giving many more kids an opportunity to find a lifelong passion. I hope the community will join me and support the City of North Mankato's proposed Caswell Fieldhouse."

-Sydney Douglas

"My family has been a part of the Mankato/North Mankato Community for the past 35 years.  We have been involved as a family in community sports and recreation for the past 20 years with kids.  Thank you for the great opportunity you are planning for our community!  Our daughter Jenna has benefited from the Minnesota Attack program since it's inception. We have traveled throughout the community and beyond for practices and tournaments.  We have hoped our community could offer something promoting indoor sports activities in one location and have observed other communities who made this a priority and watched those communities benefit from their programs.

Our family has outgrown the need for such a facility but absolutely support the endeavor and will continue to support the plan as citizens of this community.

Thank you Mankato/North Mankato for supporting youth sports and activities through this plan.  Thank you Minnesota Attack for having the courage to build the program you have and the determination to work cooperatively with our community in offering a better place to grow."

-Robin Courrier

"I am a parent of a very active teenager.  She plays volleyball during the fall in school, basketball during the winter in school, volleyball with Mn Attack during the winter, participates and teaches dance during the fall/winter, track during the spring in school, volleyball in the summer, as well as attends multiple camps throughout the year.  It is a very busy schedule to keep up with.  If there was an indoor sports complex where practices could be scheduled at consistent days/times each week, it would certainly help with scheduling transportation and lessen the confusion. 

With Mn Attack, she participates in 9 tournaments in 3 months.  That involves a lot of travel time and hotel costs.  If we had a state of the art complex where more tournaments could be hosted locally, not only would we have less travel expenses, but also bring in that additional revenue to our area.

There are not currently any facilities in the area that are capable to house large volleyball tournaments. The closest are in Rochester and the Twin Cities Metro.

My daughter aspires to play volleyball at a D-1 college.  The closest place where I can find private lessons to assist her with this goal is the Midwest Volleyball Center in Burnsville.  With the sports complex, I think the potential for our student athletes is endless.

As a former club director, I know one of the most challenging tasks for a club is finding a place to hold practice.  Not just volleyball, but basketball, soccer, and all activities that take place in a gym.

Again, I fully support an indoor sports complex in the greater Mankato area. 

-Cretia Welborn

"I used to play twice a week or more, indoors, at the Mankato Tennis Center.  I would participate in a weekly tennis clinic with other women, we women would play another time and on Friday night we had an active mixed doubles group.  After mixed doubles, we usually went out to eat and socialize.  We also had a women’s USTA team who played USTA teams from other towns.  My daughter practiced and played at the Tennis Center when she played for Dakota Meadows and West High School.  She played in the State tennis tournament for West and went on to play tennis at St. Olaf.   My son took lessons and played indoors, there, too.    Needless to say we were quite frustrated and sad when the Tennis Center closed. 

Since the Tennis Center closed, I have had to drive to Gustavus twice a week.  Once for ladies doubles and once for mixed doubles.  My husband and I joined the Owatonna Tennis Center one winter and played there.  

Tennis is a sport for all ages.  I started playing when I was in college and continue to play today, in my sixties.  My daughter started playing in second grade and continues to play today, teaching her children of 5 & 8 years.  My son is now teaching his girlfriend how to play tennis.

Tennis a great activity.  I read in the Mayo Clinic newsletter that is is great exercise for older adults due to the varied physical activity of running, shifting positions, hitting, serving etc.

We are so excited that North Mankato is planning to include tennis courts.  North Mankato is a great supporter of life long activities and we look forward to supporting this endeavor!"

-Julie Hatleli

"An indoor facility would mean the world for many volley clubs or girls wanting some extra practice. The Mankato YMCA has no courts to practice. We were lucky to get 15 minutes in an open gym before all the kids playing basketball would push us out. My daughter was 10 when she started with attack. And she fell in love with the sport. But as a mother, some of the practices would run past her bedtime. We have to go around all the schools other needs and sometimes we are lucky to get great times if any. I believe with a new facility our practices can be more consistent and can possibly have more practice for them. Also what would be great if the public could have a membership so the girls could practice on their own. I know it took extra time outside of regular practice for my daughter to get her serve down. I believe an indoor facility would benefit out volleyball community greatly. Not to mention the other indoor sports it can accommodate when the weather is bad and gets cold. It can give the kids in our community somewhere nice and safe to meet other kids that are interested in the sports. Thank you for you time."

-Jena Becker

"Last year was my daughter’s first year in the MN Attack Volleyball Club and it was an amazing experience for her. Her skills improved tremendously and she was also able to make several new friends. However, the practice schedule is demanding and required a lot of travel. We live in rural Janesville and had to make several trips to Garden City, St. Peter, Lake Crystal, etc. With some practices going until 9:30 this made for late nights on week days when she had to get up for school the next day. It would be so nice to have a large complex in Mankato to hold practices and tournaments in!"

-Amy Westphal, CPCU, AU

"This complex would greatly enhance our families experience in MN Attack and for Mankato. Having one location would simplify our families life by having a consistent scheduled time and location. Also would've brought more to Mankato as we shop while in town and many of our practices were at other towns in the middle of nowhere. Also, could have more tournaments brought local which benefits all involved.

Please make this happen."

-Kosbab Family

“As parents of former and current West players, we would be so thankful and appreciative of indoor tennis facilities in Mankato. We have traveled endless miles for off-season instruction and drills, and to have a place to call home would be so exciting! Closing the gap for East and West competing against some of our conference and section opponents would be just one benefit. More importantly, it would get people young and old excited and interested in a great lifetime activity.”

-Jay and Judy Douglas, North Mankato

"I’m writing in support of building an indoor volleyball/indoor sports complex in the Greater Mankato Area. The lack of court space in Mankato has consistently been a challenge for many years for both our volleyball and basketball programs. Adding a dedicated volleyball/indoor sports complex would not only benefit our volleyball program, but also our Mankato Area Basketball Association families as we would no longer be competing for court time.

Often times, the lack of court space in Mankato requires late night practices to facilities outside Mankato (i.e. St. Peter, Lake Crystal, Garden City etc.). As a father to three daughters including one that recently turned 16, I am concerned about our kids driving to/from practice outside Mankato at night during the winter months.

Lastly, I think Mankato’s growth over the years to becoming a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) requires continued investment back into the community. As our area attracts new businesses, we’ll need to be competitive with other metro areas to attract and retain a strong labor pool. Amenities such as the indoor sports complex are one important way to continue to keep our community a great place to work and raise a family. Thank you for your consideration and support as this is an exciting development for our youth sports programs in Mankato."

-Travis Brovold, Senior Director

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